best menthol cigarettes other than newports

Newport cigarettes, famous for its menthol flavor, are popular among the menthol cigarette smokers and business people. These cigarettes with mint taste are cool and mellow, which make you guys feel refreshing or even energic. You can smoke a Newport ciga

cigarette smoke fuel lung problems Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, a condition characterised by blocks in the lungs that prevent air movement, is on the increase, fuelled by air pollution and continued exposure to cigarette smoke. The condition usually affects people above 40, but now even younger people are being affected, says R. Narasimhan, an asthma specialist. With COPD, the tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs become narrow, reducing the volume of air moving through the tubes. The chest feels tight and the person suffers shortness of breath. However, it is not infectious. The commonest cause of COPD is smoking. Passive smokers are also susceptible to the disease. A study done in 1995 in south India to frame guidelines for the management of the disease, showed that 4.08 per cent of the male population suffered from the disease while 2.55 per cent of women were affected. Passive smokers and non-smokers are more susceptible to COPD than smokers. Women exposed to wood-fired chulas (cooking stoves) or sigris (room heaters) are also at risk. Vulnerable groups include people working long hours in dusty, smoky, polluted places such as coal mines, cement, textile, chemical and jewellery electro-plating units. Asthmatics who have not been treatedare also prone to the disease. COPD treatment begins by checking the breathing and general health. Tests are done using a Spirometer to check for mild, moderate and severe obstructions in the airways. With treatment, people can lead normal lives. According to a booklet released by the drug manufacturing company, Cipla which makes Rotahalers, inhalers and bronchodilators for controlling the problem regular health checks and following the doctor's advice prevents the airways from narrowing. Doctors recommend that in the kitchen, doors and windows are left open to prevent inhalation of fumes; and as far as possible avoidance of polluted places. Light exercise such as walking 20 minutes a day is recommended.

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